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Ultrasonik Saltwater Monofilament Line 25lb

Ultrasonik Saltwater Monofilament Line 25lb

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Ultrasonik Saltwater Monofilament Line is a super-smooth, hi-tech saltwater monofilament, which has been designed specifically for the sea angler who demands the very best.

It has been formulated using a complex extruding process which ensures maximum strength with a limited stretch factor. The minimal stretch ensures that when fishing for shy bites at range, bites are amplified through the line and back to the rod tip quickly, thus increasing the catch rate!

Ultrasonik also features a low memory and a high resistance to kinking on the spool, making it suitable for use on either fixed spool or multiplier reels, from both shore and boat. It also has excellent abrasion resistance making it a good choice for the angler that fishes over rough ground. It is a superb casting line and married with Ultrasonik Shock Leader material, makes for the perfect combination.

  • Super tough
  • Low diameter
  • High knot strength
  • Low memory
  • Abrasion resistant
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