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Gardner Target Specipult

Gardner Target Specipult

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This highly versatile and lightweight catapult is designed for the angler that wants ultimate accuracy at short/medium range.

The SpeciPult features a small lightweight moulded pouch, which is ideal for use with most baits, such as maggots, particles, pellet, single boilies and floaters. The anti-twist fittings, size and shape of the frame makes this an extremely comfortable and accurate catapult to use and it’s the first choice of many members of the Gardner Target Specimen and Carp teams.

Target SpeciPult catapults feature:

  • A reinforced moulded frame which is super lightweight yet strong and robust.
  • Anti-twist fittings ensure consistent and accurate bait application, by avoiding tangled elastics.
  • High quality US ‘surgical’ elastics for power and longevity.
  • Moulded Pouch suitable for use with a wide range of baits.
  • Comfortably sized, sculptured hand grip with ‘Hi-Grip’ anti-slip finish.
  • Frame dimensions: 19cm tall x 15cm wide.
  • Weight: just 52 grams.
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