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Gardner Target Speci Straight Barbed Hooks Size 16

Gardner Target Speci Straight Barbed Hooks Size 16

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Gardner Target Target Speci-Straight Point Hooks Size 16 Barbed

These Target Speci-Straight Point Hooks are a great pattern that’s perfect for a wide range of angling methods, with particular emphasis on ledgering, bolt and feeder techniques. Whether you’re hair rigging or have chosen to mount your hook bait in a conventional ‘on the hook’ manner, this fantastic straight point pattern offers excellent, reliable performance for all river and still water specimen coarse angling.

The key mechanical attributes that help make these straight point Target Speci-Hooks so effective is the combination of an aggressively in-turned eye and excellent sharp straight hook point, ensuring that this pattern turns quickly and then takes a really secure hook hold as the ‘angle of drawer’ offers fast and effective penetration. It’s also this combination that ensures that the hook stays securely in position as you play hooked fish, as the in-turned eye helps maintain a rock solid hook hold as the hook grips firmly in position.

The strong high carbon wire used in these hooks is essentially a balanced gauge that once forged and tempered gives surprising strength. This attribute sets the new Target Specimen Hooks apart from many on the market and makes them ideal for a wide range of species. They can realistically cope with diverse angling situations, from fishing for large species amongst weed on suitably strong rods and tackle, right through to open water scenarios when a smaller hook and greater finesse is required for the best possible presentation.

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