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Gardner Target SpeciBeaked Point Barbless Hooks Size 14

Gardner Target SpeciBeaked Point Barbless Hooks Size 14

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Gardner Target Speci-Beaked Point Hooks Barbless Size 14

The Target Speci-Beaked Point Hooks are a great all round pattern. Using beaked point hooks gives anglers several key benefits, in terms of how the hook penetrates and then grips firmly in position when fully embedded. Essentially a beaked point can have a wider gape in relation to the length of the hook shank without impacting upon the manner in which the hook initially penetrates and then takes hold. That means that it offers excellent hook holds that stay firmly in position as the beak almost grabs hold to maintain its position.

The pattern’s 10° in-turned eye maintains the best possible angle of penetration and ensures the hook turns aggressively as soon as the hook bait in sucked in – whatever terminal arrangement or method of hookbait attachment is used (hair or conventional). It then works in concert with the beaked point to keep the hook in position by firmly gripping once fully penetrated. This hooking and holding action makes beaked point patterns a great choice for anglers that are fishing barbless rule venues. Beaked points are also beneficial for fishing on gravel as they are naturally less likely to be turned over.

The strong high carbon wire used in these hooks is essentially a balanced gauge that once forged and tempered gives surprising strength. This attribute sets the new Target Specimen Hooks apart from many on the market and makes them ideal for a wide range of species. They can realistically cope with diverse angling situations, from fishing for big fish in demanding scenarios right through to open water scenarios where a smaller hook is required for the best possible presentation.

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