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Gardner Target Kwik Lok Swivels Size 20

Gardner Target Kwik Lok Swivels Size 20

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Target Kwik Lok Swivels are excellent for incorporating into a variety of rigs where you want to have the ability to quickly change hooklinks.

By using the tried and tested Kwik Lok System you do not compromise strength with this component. All you need to do is tie a strong figure of 8 loop knot in your chosen hook link material, loop this onto the Kwik Lok Swivel and sheath the joint with a Target Anti Tangle Sleeve for added security.

  • Target Kwik Lok Swivels are available in sizes 12 and 20.
  • The size 12’s are purpose made to work with our XL Mini Buffer beads and Target Lead Clips. These are perfect for hard fighting species like big barbel, chub, carp and tench…
  • Size 20’s are perfect for anglers targeting species such as Roach and Rudd – who are looking for a higher degree of finesse.
  • All the swivels in the Target range features Gardner Tackle’s Anti-Glare finish to help hide them from fish and make them less visible in clear water conditions.
  • 10 Target Kwik Lok Swivels per packet.
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