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Sonik Sizzla Multi- Pan Set

Sonik Sizzla Multi- Pan Set

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The SONIK SIZZLA range of cookware has been designed with ultimate adaptability, convenience and versatility in mind. The SIZZLA multi-pan is the perfect size for a wide variety of meals with its 30mm depth and wide rectangular profile which provides space to cook a whole host of different ingredients. It is also ultimately portable with a removable handle that features our super tough and secure T-Lock attachment system, which is low profile and allows the pan to be easily stored in even the most compact cook kit. Last but not least, the SONIK SIZZLA comes with a set of extremely useful muti-purpose tongs that are easy to store on the handle whilst cooking and can be separated into two independent cooking utensils when needed.


Lightweight die-cast aluminium pan

Heavy duty fluoropolymer non-stick coating

Removable handle for easy storage

Super tough T-lock handle attachment system

Low profile hexagonal heat exchange base

Strengthened D-Hinge allows multiple pans to join together

Multi-utensil tongs included

Not suitable for use on induction hobs

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