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Sonic Vaderx 2 Rod Pod

Sonic Vaderx 2 Rod Pod

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The VADERX rod pods are compact, stable, quick to setup and perfectly adaptable for any fishing situation. They come in a useful fold-out padded case that allows you to keep your alarms and back rests attached to your buzz bars. The goal post style buzz bars and banksticks can also be used without the base unit on softer ground. Compact in size but fully adjustable in both length and height and are finished sleek matt black finish.

• lightweight aluminium construction

• Comes with padded fold-out storage case

• Adjustable in both height and length

• Compact transport size

• Use as a pod or goal post bankstick setup

• Dimensions; W=22.5 L=52-75 H=21.5-40 (cm)

• Reel Spacing 17.5cm

• Transport Dimensions; W=51 H=10 D=18 (cm)

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