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Shimano Alivio FX Surf Tele 420-200g Rod

Shimano Alivio FX Surf Tele 420-200g Rod

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The Alivio Tele Surf is a great looking telescopic surf casting rod that represents excellent value for money for the occasional surf angler. The convenient telescopic design and composite construction has a fast action and will cope with a wide range of surf casting leads.
The Alivio Tele Surf is one of Shimano’s most affordable surf casting rods and is a great choice if you are an occasional surf casting angler or on a very tight budget. From the easy to handle 4.00 metre 100g (3.5oz), which is great for inexperienced and young surf anglers, up to the 4.20 metre 250g (9oz) powerhouse for the heaviest surf conditions and strongest currents, the Alivio Tele Surf range can be trusted to deliver superb performance.

The Composite blanks of the Alivio Tele Surf range produce remarkably good casting performance for such an affordable cost. In fact the action, whilst being fast in design is also quite forgiving, which helps inexperienced anglers get the maximum range from their casting technique. Unusually for a rod in the lower price range, the Alivio Surf is fitted with high quality stainless steel Shimano Hardlite guides, which are corrosion resistant and safe to use with both mono and braid lines. A Shimano DPS reel seat will take the largest 14000 surfcasting reels and has been positioned to enable you to create maximum leverage when casting.

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