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Shimano Aero x1 12 ft Feede Rod

Shimano Aero x1 12 ft Feede Rod

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Aero X1 range offers exceptional value for money. With models to cover all feeder fishing work, on both commercial waters fishing for carp, or natural venues fishing for silver fish, the Aero X1 rods are made from full carbon blanks and redefine quality in the low cost market.
If you are looking for a new feeder rod that combines low cost with great functionality, the Aero X1 is one of the best options available. With dark carbon grey blanks, finished with touches of red, you’ll be as delighted with the look and finish of this superb range as you will be with the performance. With feeder rods to cover everything from light line fishing to ultra long range (100m+) on natural venues and carp feeder fishing on man-made commercial fisheries, the Aero X1 is a superb value for money choice backed by the quality reputation of Shimano.
Remarkably, the Aero X1 rods are built on full carbon blanks, not composite materials like other rods in the same price category. This is the reason why they feel so lightweight, well balanced and responsive. Like their much more expensive brothers in the Aero range, all of the rods have custom designed actions to suit the type of fishing they are designed for.
Within the Aero X1 range you will find two short length parabolic action Finesse feeder models, two mid-length progressive action Precision feeder rods, two fast action Distance feeder rods and a super powerful Distance Power feeder model. All models come with 2 interchangeable quivertips of different strengths to cover different conditions. All models feature a hooded screw down DPS reel seat mounted onto a quality cork/EVA handle and Shimano Hardlite guides that have been selected to get the best out of the full carbon blanks.

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