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Prologic C- Series SC 12ft C-SERIES SC 12'/3.60M 3.5LBS 2SEC 50MM XD

Prologic C- Series SC 12ft C-SERIES SC 12'/3.60M 3.5LBS 2SEC 50MM XD

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C-SERIES SC 12'/3.60M 3.5LBS 2SEC 50MM XD

Offering the same fantastic performance levels as our C-Series combined with style and features you would only expect to find on premium rods, our new C-Series SC range is a truly outstanding choice in the world of carp rods. The SC stands for slim cork, and the range has been put through a series of technical advances and component upgrades to make it really stand out. Beautifully balanced and well finished, the super slim blank is extremely responsive and offers two different dedicated playing and casting actions – the AR model is an all-round semi parabolic player’s action, while the XD model is designed for fast, accurate and powerful long casting. Two-piece, three-piece and Com-Pact versions are available, to offer anglers the type of rod that suits their personal fishing style. Every 12ft and 13ft model in the range is fitted with casting efficient 50mm MM-Series lightweight performance guides (40mm on the 10ft and Com-Pact versions), which are further complemented with anti-frap tip guides. The sleek, high modular blank features an anti-reflective finish with understated cosmetics that blends perfectly from the 1K wrap down towards the machine-cut, vented Inspire-styled reel seat. A comfortable and secure grip on the rod is ensured by an ultra-slim and stylish cork wrap that features a rubberised, flared section at the butt. Completing the C-Series SC range is the 12ft 5lb combined Spod and Marker rod, which boasts a finely tuned XD action with special attention to responsiveness and recovery speed. The rod is capable of launching big loads effortlessly and efficiently, yet responsive enough to transmit every hidden detail of the lakebed back to the angler when marking and feature finding.
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