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Middy MX -100 Pole/Feeder Recliner chair

Middy MX -100 Pole/Feeder Recliner chair

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MIDDY MX100 Pole/Feeder Recliner Chair *Full Package*


A revolutionary chair, offering incredible comfort and the ability to fish either the pole or feeder rod when fitted with the unique side-bar and rests. It folds down to a compact size for ease of transportation and has many excellent features, including a high padded head rest, adjustable legs, swivel mud feet, recliner seat position and a special cutaway groove for ease of shipping a pole back. The complete package is supplied with the side-bar, front rest, up & over rest, back rest, 3 thread stikks, an intermediate side tray and a one-way arm, with a further thread stick to use as a complete keepnet fitting. (Please note this chair is designed for a right-handed person only when setup with accessories.)

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