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Middy Gripper Inline Small Feeders

Middy Gripper Inline Small Feeders

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MIDDY Gripper SG Flat-Bed In-Line Method Feeder: Large 30g


Middy have worked with their leading match team consultants, including 'Match This' winner Chris Cameron, to make the previous Gripper feeders even better. The result is these new Gripper SG method feeders - proven to be more effective thanks to the subtle yet superb design changes; including an improved profile, angles and low-arched arms to increase fish accessibility to the hookbait, as well as an increased side-wall height for easy fill. All the other features that made these innovative feeders so good before have still been retained, in fact these new Gripper SG models are perhaps the perfect flat-bed method feeder. They have a special lead shape to grip the far-shelf and not slide down, lead weight balanced forward to assist casting, deep tray-style lip to keep bait in place, and radius on the centre tube to eliminate line wear. The hookbait is ideally positioned (not crushed) and carp have total access to this area of the feeder. As with the original Gripper feeders, these Gripper SG feeders will also work perfectly with Middy's Compacta moulds for the ideal Method presentation. Gripper SG feeders are available in various sizes; Small 20g, Small 30g, Large 30g and Large 45g. You also get one of these feeders supplied free inside the packet when you buy a Compacta mould!

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