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MIDDY 5G Liquid Latex 22" Spoon Net

MIDDY 5G Liquid Latex 22" Spoon Net

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The 5G range of landing nets from Middy offers great versatility with various mesh types to suit your personal preferences - you can choose from Fast-Scoop mesh, Hair mesh, or the Liquid-Latex mesh. All have a specially designed frame with a wider shape for better netting, equivalent to a traditional 22 inch spoon. The frame itself is a really strong black-anodised 8mm diameter. These nets benefit from the same high quality spreader block found on the elite Supra Dry nets - it's super sturdy with four screw attachment. All three 5G nets use fishery-approved legal netting and their strong construction includes seven-stitching in high stress regions, to ensure longevity. The "Fast-Scoop" model is a free-flowing mesh and does what it says on the tin, scoops through the water very quickly. The "Hair" model is really good for stopping fast-stop style hair hook-ups. The "Liquid-Latex" is particularly special, as it uses a latex coating that is far thinner than other latex nets out there, yet retains incredible strength and quality, while also being easy to shake dry instantly. Coming in at a very modest price point, these 5G nets are an excellent choice.

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