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Aero Float

Aero Float mono is a high quality, low stretch mono designed primarily for float fishing, which in the two strongest options can also be used for competition feeder fishing on natural venues due to its semi-buoyant, high strength properties.
If you are looking for a high quality line for float fishing, Aero Float is for you. With excellent suppleness, it casts extremely well, even when you are using lightweight floats, and the semi-buoyant properties offer great versatility. Without any treatment, the line will sit on the surface tension of the water enabling you to control Bolognese type floats with ease, but is you are fishing a waggler, or in windy conditions where you want to sink the line below the surface, a quick flick of the rod tip will drop the line under the surface. And when it comes to hitting bites, the reduced stretch offers you almost instant contact.
The high performance nature of the Aero Float mono makes it the natural choice for top competition anglers. Beautifully supple, it enables the most precise float control, which in turn will lead to better bait presentation. The impressively high strength to diameter ratio enables you to drop down a diameter size, whilst retaining the strength you require to fish safely, which further contributes to the precision produced. Also, for feeder anglers fishing for bream, roach and other silver fish on natural lakes, rivers or canals, the semi-buoyant nature of the line can be made to sink by applying a small amount of detergent to the line before fishing, to enable it to cut though the surface film of the water.

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