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Korda Splicing Needle 7cm

Korda Splicing Needle 7cm

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This needle is perfect for splicing loops into materials such as our Kable leadcore or DuraKord leader, thus making them very easy to attach and detach from your main line without the need to keep cutting them shorter. The Slicing Needle features a gated latch that closes sufficiently tightly that it will help to grip a tag end whilst it is being pulled through a splice to create a loop, and with no danger of the needle getting stuck in the fibres of the material being spliced. As well as for splicing, this 7cm long needle also comes in useful for threading baits onto PVA stringers. It features a hi-viz orange handle to prevent loss, and its ergonomic design means it is very easy to grip and use, even with cold or wet hands. 

Key features

Splicing needle

Ideal for use with Kable and DuraKord

Strong and robust

Latched gate

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