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korda Solidz PVA Leaders

korda Solidz PVA Leaders

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As the name suggests, these leaders are designed specifically for use with Solidz PVA bags. They are constructed from 1ft of 50lb Kable leadcore, to ensure that everything stays pinned to the bottom, with a Size 8 Ring Swivel spliced at one end (if you prefer you can cut the ring off and just use it as a normal swivel) – which ensures they work perfectly with an inline lead and the swivel properly locates into the nose of it. They come complete with a tail rubber to fit onto the inline lead, and at the other end there is a spliced loop, with the loop-to-loop method being the best way of attaching them – this means that you can have these leaders ready to go with a PVA bag already tied, and simply loop off one leader and put the fresh one on, and be ready to cast back out in a matter of seconds. Each pack contains three leaders.    


Key features

Specially designed for fishing with PVA bags

Constructed from Kable leadcore

Spliced loop for easy attachment to main line

Perfect for tying up solid bags in advance

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