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Korda size 6 krank choddy kamo barbed multi rig 20lb

Korda size 6 krank choddy kamo barbed multi rig 20lb

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The Multi Rig is an incredibly versatile and effective set-up, which allows the hook to be changed very quickly when a new one is needed. But if you’re not sure how to tie one yourself, or aren’t confident of getting it right, then this ready-tied version is the perfect solution, and everyone is constructed perfectly and to the same exacting standards. Usually it is fished with pop-ups – just add a blob of Dark Matter Putty (not supplied) to the knot to balance the hookbait – but can also be fished with bottom baits and wafters as well, with any of these being attached to the Rig Ring with our Bait Floss. These rigs are tied using our Krank Choddy hooks – if the hook point blunts it can easily be swapped for a new hook without having to throw the rest of the rig away – on Kamo coated braid, and with a size 8 swivel at the other end. It comes in a choice of barbed or barbless hooks in the following combinations: size 4 Krank Choddy to 30lb Kamo; size 6 to 20lb; or size 8 to 15lb. You get one Multi Rig in each packet.

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