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Korda PVA String 15m Spool

Korda PVA String 15m Spool

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Traditional PVA string which is ideal for adding stringers to your rigs. It is very strong, so will take the impact of a hard cast, and as long as you leave a gap between your baits, it will melt quickly once in the water. We recommend that you double-up the string when you thread your baits on, thus leaving a loop at one end, which can be put over your hook and then secured to the bend by pushing the top bait up – this does away with the need for any knots, which don’t dissolve as well. It can also be useful for tying the necks of Solidz PVA bags. Comes on a 15m spool.

Key features

PVA string

Quick melting in water

No residue

Also perfect for tying the tops of PVA bags

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