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Korda New Boilie Funnel Web System 7m

Korda New Boilie Funnel Web System 7m

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This is a slightly narrower version of our Original Funnel Web System, which is perfect for making PVA sticks, or for just fishing a few boilies in a bag alongside your hookbait, in as quick and easy a way as possible - simply tie the bag and hook it on. Each system complete with a free plunger, which allows you to make the perfect PVA sticks every time. It comes supplied Hexmesh, but the 5m and 20m refills give you a choice of Hexmesh, which is perfect for use with boilies and will dissolve quicker so if ideal for the colder months; or Micromesh, which will allow you to use smaller food items, such as boilie crumb and small pellets, in PVA stick form, and will also breakdown more slowly, ensuring it reaches the bottom intact during the warmer months. Each system comes in a screw-top tube to ensure that it stays dry when not in use, and includes 7m of Hexmesh. Refills come in 5m or 20m lengths in 4 Season Hexmesh or Micromesh.

Key features

    • Narrower PVA mesh

    • Ideal for boilies or making sticks

    • Comes with a plunger

    • Hexmesh PVA

    • Hexmesh and Micromesh refills available


    • Comes in a waterproof tube
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