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Korda N Trap DF Rig Wide Gape 4 20lbs

Korda N Trap DF Rig Wide Gape 4 20lbs

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It has never been easier to use one of Korda boss Danny Fairbrass’ favourite rigs, as there is now a ready-tied DF Carp Rig, which is tied exactly how he would do it himself, using the same components. This is a highly effective rig, which can be used with bottom baits, wafters, or even pop-ups (with the addition of a counter balance weight), and the blowback style ring running on the shank, plus a piece of shrink tubing to give the hook an aggressive stance, mean that it has great hooking potential. It is tied using the Wide Gape pattern of hook to 15lb N-Trap Soft for size 6, 8 and 10 hooks, 20lb for size 4, and 30lb for size 2, with a size 8 swivel attached via a figure-of-eight loop knot at the other end. It is available in barbed or barbless.

Key features

As used by Danny Fairbrass

Versatile, can be used with bottom baits or pop-ups

N-Trap Soft with a Wide Gape hook

Great hooking potential

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