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Korda Mouth Trap 20lb/0.47mm 20m

Korda Mouth Trap 20lb/0.47mm 20m

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This hook link material has been specifically designed for chod rigs, hinged stiff rigs and combi-rigs, and purposely has a very high memory, so that it will retail a curve. It can easily be pulled straight without the need for steaming and manipulated into a curve, without springing back straight like many stiff materials do – and this is what makes it so good for chod and hinged stiff rigs. It has a green tint to it to help it blend in with the lakebed, and comes in a choice of 15lb, 20lb or 25lb breaking strains, to cover any fishing situation or rig variation you might choose. Each spool contains 20m of Mouth Trap.

Key features

    • Stiff with a green tint
    • Very high memory
    • Can be curved
    • Ideal for chods and hinged stiff rigs
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