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Korda Marker Kit

Korda Marker Kit

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This kit includes everything that you need to set up a marker rod – including an SLR Marker Float, Marker Stem, and Marker Lead Probe. The SLR Marker Float is incredibly buoyant, and rather than plastic is made from the highest quality balsa wood, so as long as your line can run through the lead – we recommend that it is used with a Marker Stem for the best results – then it will come flying up to the surface every time. Once it does hit the surface it is very easy to spot due to the high visibility, bright orange flight on the top of it. Just as importantly, it can be cast to the horizon – at least as far as you can get your rigs with your fishing rods – thanks to its slim diameter, and it is very stable in flight. 

The Marker Probe Lead is specifically designed for feature finding and gives far more ‘feel’ than a conventional lead. The unique, uncoated shape transmits more vibration back to the rod, especially with a braided line, and helps you to work out exactly what is in front of you, what the lakebed is made up of, and how clear it is. The lack of coating also makes it easy to spot the type of bottom that you have been pulling it across – whether that be scratches from lumpier bits of gravel, or clay residue left on the lead when you retrieve it. It also comes with a Marker Stem, which features a clip at one end to allow you to easily attach and detach your lead, and change size if you decide that you need to cast further out. At the other end is a low-friction large-eyed ceramic ring which is designed to allow line to easily run through it, thus ensuring that your SLR Marker Float comes to the surface when you want it to.

The Marker Stem also has an ultra buoyant foam section to keep the ceramic ring clear of any debris on the bottom and help ensure that the float pops up to the surface. Each pack contains one SLR Marker Float; one Marker Stem; and one 3oz Marker Lead Probe. 

Key features

Everything you need to set up a marker float

Can be used at long range

SLR Marker Float

Marker Lead

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