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korda Line Saver Bead

korda Line Saver Bead

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This clever bead is aimed specifically at anglers who are fishing naked chod rigs and has been designed to protect your line during the fight. The Liner Saver Bead is made from tungsten impregnated rubber, to ensure it sits flush to the lakebed, and is designed to be used as the bead closest to your lead when using a naked chod. Its tapered design means that your hook link swivel will sit against the bead when you cast, but is still free to fly up your line to your upper bead during flight, but when a fish is hook it will slide back down to the thicker end of the Line Saver Bead, with the tapered part providing your main line with protection from damage – as compared to the swivel directly rubbing against your line during a fight. They come supplied on wire loops attached to a plastic toggle, which makes the Line Saver Bead very easy to thread onto your main line. There are eight in a packet.

Key features

Designed for naked chods

Protects line

Tungsten impregnated rubber

Tapered design

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