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korda Lead Clip Action Pack Gravel

korda Lead Clip Action Pack Gravel

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A pack that has all the components to help you construct safe Lead Clip systems, which are essential when fishing on weedy or snaggy waters. The basic rule of the Lead Clip system is that the lead must eject before the swivel pulls out of the nose of the clip. If the swivel comes out first, the lead will never eject. Instead, the line will pull back and forth through the system like a running rig, leaving the lead snagged - and the fish too! Use the system correctly and the lead will eject when you want it to. One thing that's for certain is that when the lead comes off the carp rises to the surface, allowing you to lead it over any underwater obstacles, rather than having to drag it through them. This is the most versatile system when it comes to presenting a bait on any lake bed, and it is safe and effective. Each pack contains 5 x Lead Clips, 5 x Tail Rubbers, 5 x swivels, plus 2m of rig tubing. 

Key features

Everything you need to set up a Lead Clip

Includes Lead Clips, Tail Rubbers, swivels and tubing

Choice of colours

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