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Korda large Sinkers Weed Green

Korda large Sinkers Weed Green

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These tungsten impregnated rubber weights are a brilliant way of ensuring that your hook link remains pinned to the bottom and reducing the chance of it spooking a carp – and unlike rig putty, they won’t fall off all the time on the cast or when playing a fish! Sinkers are incredibly easy to use and are simply slid off of the wire loop that they come on and onto your hook link when you are tying it. They grip any hook link material very well, and come in two different colours – Green or Brown - so that they can be matched to the lake bed, and two different sizes, Small, Medium or Large. Each pack contains 9 Sinkers. 

Key features

Pin down your hook link

Tungsten impreganted

Grip and stay in place

Easy to thread on

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