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Korda Kutter 20

Korda Kutter 20

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Chopped boilies are great, as not only do they provide a free offering which behaves differently to a round-shaped bait when fish are eating them, but when fishing on any type of lakebed with a slope you can be sure your bait is staying where you put it and not rolling away. Halved boilies also have the advantage of settling on top of weed or silt rather than sinking further into it. Chopping baits by hand would be very time consuming and tedious, but the Kutter takes all of the effort out of it, as you simply scoop boilies into it and then use the plunger to force them through a stainless steel ‘blade’ at the other end of the tube, which cuts them perfectly in half. You can even create smaller pieces of chopped bait by putting them through the Kutter several times. The Kutter is constructed from tough, durable plastic and three different sizes are available, designed for 16mm, 20mm or 25mm baits.

Key features

    • Chops boilies in half

    • Quoick and easy to use


    • Stainless steel blade
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