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korda Kurv Shank - Barbless 6

korda Kurv Shank - Barbless 6

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The Kurv Shank is a very versatile hook and can be used with both pop-up and bottom bait rigs, including popular presentations such as the KD and IQ D-rig. It has great hooking properties thanks to an aggressively in-turned eye and curved shank, which helps it to flip round and take a hold inside the mouth, even when using it without Shrink Tube or a Kicker. Hooking potential is also aided by its long, needle sharp point. It also comes in a barbless version. For those fishing in extreme angling situations, especially elsewhere in Europe, a Kurv Shank XX  is available, which shares the same shape and properties, but on a much heavier gauge of wire.

Key features

    • For both pop-up and bottom bait rigs
    • Curved shank and in-turned eye
    • Long, sharp point
    • Available in a heavier XX version as well
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