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Korda Kable Tight Weave 7m Camo

Korda Kable Tight Weave 7m Camo

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Kable has been designed to be the toughest leadcore available while exhibiting unbeatable camouflage properties, with a spliced breaking strain well in excess of 50lbs, it won’t let you down in demanding situations. 

Kable is extremely limp and supple ensuring it drapes subtly across the underwater terrain. This keeps your line concealed in the immediate area around your rig while adding amazing toughness and durability to the end tackle.

Kable is suitable for constructing any kind of leadcore leader and is fully compatible with all Korda components.

Kable Tightweave is available in 7metre and 25metre  spools in •Weed/Silt, Gravel & Kamo.

Key features

  • Unbeatable camouflage properties

  • Spliced breaking strain well in excess of 50lb

  • Extremely limp and supple

  • Compatible with all Korda components

  • Available in 7m and 25m spools

  • Weed, Gravel and Kamo

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