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Korda Hybrid Stiff 20lb Weed Green

Korda Hybrid Stiff 20lb Weed Green

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Hybrid Stiff coated braid can be used with all sorts of different rigs and offers a hook link material that is very stiff with the coating on, but which has a very supple inner braided core which is exposed by stripping the coating. This makes it ideal for easily creating any type of set-up which is some form of combi rig, with stiff and supple sections. The coating is very tough and can be knotted – or even crimped – without causing breaks in it and creating unwanted hinges, but can also easily be stripped where required. It has a high knot strength and is very abrasion resistant, and can be steamed totally straight, such as if it is being used to create a boom. It is 20lb breaking strain and comes in a choice of Weedy Green or Gravel Brown, on a 20m spool

Key features

Coated braid

Stiff and strong

Easy to strip

Great for combi rigs

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