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korda Hybrid Lead Clip QC Swivel Weed/S

korda Hybrid Lead Clip QC Swivel Weed/S

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This is a quick change version of our original Hybrid Lead Clip, and allows you to quickly and easily change hook, simply by clipping on a new one, as long as it has a loop tied in the end of it. The Hybrid Lead Clip QC has been designed so that it will eject the lead if it gets stuck in weed or snags, and so that it can also be used in conjunction with leader materials such as leadcore, which form too bulky a knot to work with our normal Lead Clips. The clip features an integrally moulded QC Swivel, with a metal loop at the other end of it, which your main line or leader is tied to. Because the swivel can’t pull free from the housing, it works whenever the lead needs to be ejected. The streamlined, one-piece design means there are no fiddly locking pegs or hinges to worry about - just connect the leader to one end and the rig to the other! The uprated arm allows leads up to 5oz to be cast safely even at extreme range


Key features

Quick change version of the Hybrid Lead Clip

Can use in conjunction with leaders

Integrally moulded QC Swivel

Lead ejects when it needs to

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