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korda BOOM Loop x3 5.5in

korda BOOM Loop x3 5.5in

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Combi rigs can be complicated to tie, but these ready-tied Booms Loop hook links take all of the time and effort out of it, especially when combined with our Loops hook sections. They are constructed from 25lb Boom, with a small crimped loop at one end, which your braided hook section should be attached to – loop-to-loop is the easiest way of doing this, and our Loops are already set-up for this – and a loop knot at the other end, which attaches to a QC Swivel, Kwik Link, or similar. There is a choice of 5.5in. or 7.5in. lengths, and each packet contains three Booms Loops.

Key features

Creat combi rigs quickly and easily

Simply attach a Loops hook section

Perfect rigs every time

Two different lengths available

Three per pack

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