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Korda Boom 25lb/0.55mm 15m

Korda Boom 25lb/0.55mm 15m

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As the name suggests, the main function of this hook link material is to create stiff booms, for rigs such as spinner, hinged stiff, and combi set ups. This fluorocarbon has a green tint to it, to help it blend in with the lakebed even more so than a clear one would do, but the biggest advantage is that it can be crimped– our two different sizes of Krimps are the perfect diameter to work with both breaking strains of Boom.

It is very stiff, so will ensure that your rig kicks out away from your lead system every time and sits straight, plus you know that it won’t be tangled.

Key features

  • Flourocarbon
  • Green tinted
  • Creates stiff booms
  • Can be crimped
  • Four different breaking strains
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