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Kodex Tungsten Rig Tubing Mud Brown

Kodex Tungsten Rig Tubing Mud Brown

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KODEX Graviton Super-Heavy Tungsten Rig Tubing: Mud Brown (2m)


The Tungsten in Graviton rig tubing has an atomic mass (Ar) of 183.8, one of the heaviest elements in the universe, so it sinks super-fast. It is strong, supple, hugs the contours of the lake bottom and will even sink into very soft silt to disappear completely. The bore in the tubing will accommodate up to 0.50mm lines and it can be threaded very easily. Team Kodex consultants believe it is best tungsten tubing ever made. Supplied on a mega-value 2m spool and available in a range of rig concealing colours.

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