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Kodex skin coat stiff rigs size 8

Kodex skin coat stiff rigs size 8

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KODEX Skin-Coated Stiff Rigs - Barbless Size 8 (2pc pkt)


Utilising the latest Micro-Strip sinking weed-green coated hooklink material, these high quality stiff rigs incorporate anti-glare GenomicMGP wide-gape hooks, tied with a knotless knot and a stripped back hair. The position of the hair can also be adjusted to your preference via a discreet silicone sleeve. Each packet contains 2 rigs, both with an anti-glare quick-change size 8 carp swivel and you can easily interchange one with the size 11 Flexi/Heli swivel (included in the packet), for either lead-clip or helicopter setups. A weed-green anti-tangle sleeve is also included, to push the rig forward on the cast. They are the ideal modern-day bottom rig and can be used popped-up or not - strip back the Micro-Strip coating to create a pop-up rig, or leave it with just the stripped-backed hair section as supplied. Designed in consultation with Team Kodex.

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