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Kodex fluorocarbon stiff rigs size 6

Kodex fluorocarbon stiff rigs size 6

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KODEX Fluorocarbon Stiff Rigs - Barbless Size 6 (2pc pkt)


These fluoro stiff rigs feature 130-grade carbon GenomicMGP matt anti-glare hooks, with micro-ground super sharp points for secure piercing, tied to 15lb fluorocarbon line with a special knotless knot to stand-off the hair in the optimum position. This combination offers excellent rig concealment from wary carp. The rigs feature anti-glare quick-change size 8 carp swivels and you can easily interchange one with the size 11 Flexi/Heli swivel (included in the packet). The clear-coloured anti-tangle sleeve pushes the rig forward on the cast. Each packet contains 2 rigs; see for yourself how Kodex rigs can help increase your PB.

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