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KICK-OFF LINE ALIGNERS hook size 2-6 brw

KICK-OFF LINE ALIGNERS hook size 2-6 brw

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KODEX Kick-Off Line Aligners: Mud Brown 2-6 (10pc pkt)


Available to accommodate hook sizes 2-6 or 7-10 in translucent mud brown and weed green colours, Kick-Off line aligners are easy to push-over the eye of the hook and create a 'kicker' aggressive angle, which will ensure that your hook turns on the take, reducing blow-outs and giving positive hooking. For use on a multitude of hooklink types and rigs, not just the blow-back rig. Part of the outstanding end tackle range from Kodex.

This Product has now been discontinued once our current stocks have been depleted, this product will be removed from sale.

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