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Guru Speed Stop Rig 4" Size 14

Guru Speed Stop Rig 4" Size 14

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The Speed Stop Ready Rig features an optimum hair length which has been purposely developed to perfectly present most popular hookbaits. Finishing off the hair is a Speed Stop in the end which traps the hookbait on to the hair. There is also a tiny piece of 0.3mm Micro silicone on the shank of the hook which is there to keep the hookbait in place and make sure the rig is working perfectly. 

This version features the extremely popular SMWG hook, which is PTFE coated, giving a super-sharp, longer lasting point. They are perfectly suited to a wide variety of fish species and fishing situations, such as feeder and bomb fishing and even certain pole fishing situations. 

The process of using the Speed Stop is quick and easy, simply push a Speed Stop Needle in the thicker end of the Speed Stop, then push the thinner end of the Stop through the hookbait, making sure the Stop if fully through the bait and lying flat against it. Then simply remove the Needle and you’ve got the perfectly presented hookbait ready to go. All SMWG hooks are PTFE coated which significantly improve the hooks durability, sharpness and longevity. 


Key features

  • Perfect for hair rigging softer hookbaits
  • Optimum hair length
  • Comes with a Speed Stop on the end to trap hookbait
  • Micro silicone on the shank of the hook
  • Ultimate commercial hooklength option
  • Great all-rounder
  • Quick and easy to change bait
  • Features PTFE coated SMWG hook
  • Tied on our tried and tested N-Gauge line
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