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Genomic wide gape micro barbed size 4

Genomic wide gape micro barbed size 4

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KODEX GenomicMGP Wide Gape Hooks - Microbarbed Size 4 (10pc pkt)


In development for over eight months, GenomicMGP wide-gape hooks have a micro-ground point, making them incredibly sharp. Kodex have also used 130 grade carbon steel to ensure strength and durability, while the finish is dull non-flash black for rig concealment. They are forged with a fifteen degree in-turned eye to help the hook turn on the 'take'. The point is leaning in very slightly but, rather than being beaked, it is straight with a wide gape, which gives better hooking potential. These hooks are chemically etched and then have a final additional micro-grinding on the points - this MGP process leaves the points very fine and fast-piercing. Available in barbless and microbarb versions, in sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10.

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