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Gardner Trick Link Silt Hook Link

Gardner Trick Link Silt Hook Link

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This low memory material has been developed to offer the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility for use as a dedicated boom section on ‘D’ style stiff links, hinged stiff and combi-links.

Just like the original Camo Trick-Link this new silt version has been developed to balance rigidity with that little bit of flexibility that allows the finished rig to settle just right. We all know that the best presentation will give the best chance of a bite.

The silt version is a great go anywhere colour, as the bottom of most lakes and rivers are strewn with debris, such as sticks, decaying leaves, reeds, etc., which means hooklinks tied with black lines naturally look like strands that the fish see all the time! The pigment content also makes Trick-Link Silt slightly softer than the original “choddy” Camo version.

Just like the original Trick-Link, the Silt version has superb knot strength and it ties up neatly and steams straight. All the little tweaks that help your finished rig perform to its very best possible potential.

When forming loops we recommended using either ‘Figure of 8’ loop knots or the improved ‘Non-Slip’ loop knot to form the nicest, neatest round loop and for maximum strength with Gardner Trick-Link (please check the video in the Video Tab for instructions on how to tie this knot).

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