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Gardner Convert Hook Swivels Size 20

Gardner Convert Hook Swivels Size 20

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Gardner Covert Hook Swivels are ideal for mounting hookbaits on and work superbly as they offer controlled 360° movement of the hookbait.

Hook baits can be mounted sliding along the hook shank, on a ‘D’ rig or on a Covert Pop Up Hook Aligner’s pre-formed D.

Mounting your hookbait like this ensures that the hook and hook bait can twist freely and this freedom of movement ensures that the hook is free to reacts quickly, this makes most hooking arrangements more effective as the hook can flip and turn faster, pricking and then taking a secure hook hold more efficiently.

  • Anti Glare black finish reduces visibility under water.
  • These swivels can also be used as a general purpose Size 20 swivel.
  • These swivels fit over the Micro Barb on Covert Dark hooks.
  • Use in conjunction with Covert Hook Stops when sliding on the shank.
  • 20 Hook Swivels per packet.
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