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Gardner Feature Finder 3oz Lead

Gardner Feature Finder 3oz Lead

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Feature Finding Leads have been designed to increase feedback of information to your rod when dragging the weight across the lake/river bed.

The dumpy shape slows down as it hits the water, enabling you to control the Feature Finders decent, and the rounded nose enhances the feel as the lead hits the lake/river bed.

  • Each lead has moulded flights/ridges on the body and fixed heavy duty wire tail to ensure they fly smoothly and accurately when cast.
  • These leads have a large eyed size 8 swivel mounted on the tail stem that has been sheathed in shrink tube to reduce the chance of tangles.
  • The moulded protruding flights also act to pick up and relay the texture of the lake bed as you pull the lead back across the bottom.
  • Can be used with or without a marker float.
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