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DAM Quick Runshift 3L 5000F

DAM Quick Runshift 3L 5000F

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Runshift 3L 5000 FS 2+1BB IGSP Including Camo Line 12LB 

• Bite And fight free spool system

• 2+1 Carbon Steel Ball Bearings

• Oversized aluminium bail


The most competitively priced Quick free spool reel we make – the Runshift 3 FS has the perfect combination of strong internal parts, expertly selected external components and a price tag that is very kind to the wallet. It features all the specs you would expect, such as infinite anti-reverse, oversized bail and additional second spool. This reel is already the complete package but is now even more complete as it comes pre-spooled with camo black and green monofilament perfect for any use. The 4000 size is loaded with 10lb (0.30) and the 5000 size is loaded with 12lb (0.33) mono so you’re ready for action from the moment you buy it.


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