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Gardner Convert Wide Gape Talon Tip Size 4 Barbless

Gardner Convert Wide Gape Talon Tip Size 4 Barbless

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The original Talon Tip set the standard for beaked point style hooks when it was released in 1996. In recent years there has been a marked swing away from the offset shank that the original hook featured, so here at Gardner HQ we carefully scrutinised the features that made the original hook so brilliant with a view to instilling these positive design features in an updated version.

The application of the unique Covert finish reduces glare and mimics predominant colours in the environment, offering ultimate camouflage.

By removing the offset and incorporating a slightly wider gape, whilst critically retaining the 5° in-turned eye and wicked beaked point we have come up with a hook pattern that has even greater initial hooking and maintains the extraordinary penetration and hook holds of the original pattern. The way in which the hook penetrates as it is pulled in by the directional force created by the hook eye is simply perfect…

When we removed the offset of the original pattern we also improved the hook’s ability to ‘prick’ the instant the hook bait is taken, and it is such a versatile pattern it works with a massive range of rigs.

The main advantage of a beaked point is that when the point first takes hold and starts grips it helps keep the hook in position effectively even if the fish is trying to shake the rig free (useful if you’re angling on a barbless rules venue) and just pulls in more and grips tighter. Another benefit is that the point is less likely to be turned over or damaged when you fishing over gravel or other rough types of lake bed – typically big stones…

Wide Gape Talon Tips are manufactured from the same ‘bomb proof’ ultra-strong forged wire of the original so you can be absolutely certain that the strength is unparalleled across the size ranges, ensuring this hook can used confidently in the most extreme fishing situations – fishing for the biggest fish in weed or near snags.

  • This is the No.1 hook to use for fishing near snags or in weed.
  • Available in Barbed or Barbless. Please check table below for sizes available.
  • 10 hooks per pack.
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