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Gardner Convert Kwik Lok Swivels

Gardner Convert Kwik Lok Swivels

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Kwik Lok swivels are perfect for use with lead clips and give great tangle free presentation when combined with a Covert Anti Tangle Sleeve. They are the most popular quick change component in the Covert range.

Ideal for use with all looped quick change rigs including helicopter style lead arrangements.

  • Easy to use; simply loop the hooklink onto the crook and secure in place with a Covert Anti Tangle Sleeve as illustrated.
  • The swivel eye is sized perfectly to fit into all size 8 lead clips, and click securely into a Covert Lead Clip ensuring the lead is safely discharged before the swivel is released from the lead clip (IMPORTANT).
  • Anti-glare black finish reduces visibility under water.
  • Extra strong, smooth spinning and completely reliable.
  • Features a round profile swivel eye ensures maximum knot strength.
  • 10 swivels per packet
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