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Drennan Boilie Pult Long Range Catapult

Drennan Boilie Pult Long Range Catapult

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  • Power grip handle
  • Long life elastic
  • Ideal for boilies
  • Special cone-shaped pouch
  • Eliminates 90% of spillage
  • Allows accurate 'tight' baiting
  • Pouch roughly allows 10x 18mm baits or 16x 15mm baits

Typical Ranges

  • 16mm up to 60 metres
  • 18mm up to 80metres
  • 20mm baits up to 100 metres

At closer range, up to 30 metres, it is possible to soft-fire up to 15 16mm baits at a time by changing the grip and spreading your fingers around the top of the pouch.

Hold the pull tab with thumb and forefinger inserted into the loop. This is a strong grip which will allow you to really stretch the elastic and still get a quick clean release

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