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Axia base wedge 30G

Axia base wedge 30G

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Key Features


Specially designed, aerodynamic shape for casting longer distances

Has a unique wobbling action that imitates a wounded fish

Fitted with a holographic finish that glitters and shines for maximum attraction

Equally adept at fishing vertically from a boat in addition to being cast and retrieved

A proven, unrivalled bass catcher that has stood the test of time.

A simple but highly effective bass lure that has been designed for casting ultra-long distances. Its streamlined shape lends itself well to cutting through wind and is ideal for use on the roughest of days. The wedge shape creates a fluttering and wobbling action that imitates a wounded fish, with the holographic finish that glitters and shines as it moves through the water. Fishes equally well with a steady retrieve and sink and draw methods, varying the speed of the retrieve and intensity of the draw can increase its effectiveness. As well as shore use, it can be used when jigging from a boat too. Comes in a variety of sizes to suit whatever fishing situation the angler faces either from the shore or boat.


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