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MIDDY 5G Baggin Feeder Rod 20-60g 11' 2pc

MIDDY 5G Baggin Feeder Rod 20-60g 11' 2pc

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Middy are the pioneers when it comes to designing rods for modern commercial fishery anglers. The original 3G rods, which were launched over ten years ago, were the first of their kind that were made in a fold-down two piece construction with a softer action to subdue carp to the net. In the interim years, carbon technology has advanced significantly, as we saw with Middy's 4G and 4GS updates, all of which won numerous awards for their quality in engineering. Now, with the assistance of some top anglers and technicians, Middy have progressed these rods a step further to release the new 5G range, which are built with Liquid Carbon, to provide a seamless action that has to be felt to be believed. Ideally, a perfect commercial waggler rod or feeder rod needs to be stiff enough for pin-point casting, strong enough to handle carp in the 10lb range, yet soft enough to avoid hook pulls. It also needs to be relatively short in length for ease of netting fish. All of these characteristics are incorporated in the 5G range, as well as many other unique design features. Built into every 5G rod is an A-Nomic handle grip, with the reel seat area specially curved to fit perfectly into the shape that your hand naturally makes when gripping a rod. These rods also have S.F.A. smooth flow guides, with K-style design guides on the feeder models, to stop line twist. An especially nice touch is the special woven carbon area just above the reel seat, to stiffen the rod when landing bigger carp. The 5G range not only includes six models for commercial fishing, but also a further two models that are more conventional, for use on rivers and gravel pits. Choose from the following; 11ft Pellet-Wag, suited for smaller floats up-in-the-water; 11ft Pellet-Wag Plus, for larger pellet style floats and a longer cast; 9ft Mini-Feeder, ideal for shorter chucks on snake style lakes; 10ft Method-Feeder, a great all-round commercial feeder rod for Method feeders up to 50g; 11ft Baggin-Feeder, for when a bit more oomph is required at medium to longer range and you want to step up to a 60g feeder; Distance-Feeder, which covers long cast feeder work up to 80g and can be used at either 8ft, 11ft7in, or 12ft7in, thus making it more like three rods in one; 13ft Trinity-Wag, a three piece rod for river work or more control over floats when fishing at distance; and the 12ft Trinity-Feeder, a three piece rod that's ideal for rivers or gravel pits, with the capacity for 80g chucks. We are very impressed by Middy's 5G rods and highly recommend them.

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