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tungsten putty chod silt

tungsten putty chod silt

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KODEX Graviton Super-Heavy Tungsten Putty Chod Silt


Graviton putty has a high-Tungsten, heavy-weight content that hugs the contours on the bottom of the lake and sinks quickly. The Tungsten in Graviton putty has a relative atomic mass (Ar) of 184 - one of the heaviest elements in the entire universe - and a high-density (?) of 19¼g/cm3. Warm the putty in your hand for a while and it will become soft and sticky, and pliable to your chosen material, with its hi-adhesive type properties. Once applied and in the water, the putty will harden off and grip firmly. Team Kodex have tested it over several months and now consider Graviton to be essential for correct rig presentation - use it and improve your catch rate.

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