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MIDDY Sawn-Off Shotgun Pellet Feeder - Small 30g

MIDDY Sawn-Off Shotgun Pellet Feeder - Small 30g

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Designed by 'Match This' winner and England Feeder international Rob Wootton, the Sawn-Off Shotgun pellet feeders provide irresistible pellet presentation every single time. Fill the feeder with your bait and hook bait and the spring mechanism will automatically push forward under the water pressure, pushing out your hook bait amongst a neat and tidy pile that is sure to attract fish. These incredible feeders also have a splayed-open design which assists the bait distribution, as well as a more-weight forward design to assist casting. In addition, they have a flat base for stability and a stepped non-slip lead weight to hold the shelf. Available in various sizes and weights, you simply will not find any other pellet feeders quite like these.

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