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kodex micro-strip coated hooklink weed green

kodex micro-strip coated hooklink weed green

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KODEX Micro-Strip Coated Hooklink 25lb 20m spool


Weed green semi-stiff coated hooklink that can easily be stripped to reveal a micro totally flexible dyno-core, to as little as 0.27mm diameter. Micro-Strip has a matte finish and a pliable outer coating that can be tied in a knot without cracking. It sinks quickly and pins itself down to the contours of the lake, for excellent presentation of bottom or pop-up setups. This is the same hooklink material as found on Kodex's renowned skin-coated stiff rigs and multi-rig. Available in 15lb and 25lb breaking strains - supplied on small 20m spools for easy storage in rig boxes.

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